Texas Uncontested Divorce

Our Divorce fee

Only $129 (Tell us if you find a lower price). Other sites just give you forms but we actually create and file your petition. We even apply for court fee waiver if you cannot afford court fee. We use technology to serve you better. There is a huge difference between us and others in terms of money and time you spend and complexities you avoid.


We are sure you have a lot of questions before proceeding. Click FAQ for frequently asked questions.

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You guys have been great. The services you provide are reasonably priced and worth every cent. You can quote me on that!

Russell, Houston, Texas

Who are we?

We are Texas Office of Court Administration approved "Electronic Filing Service Provider" and you can find us @ EFILETEXAS.gov. We specialize in Uncontested Divorce cases.
Those who are seeking divorce "papers" - you cannot use divorce "papers" anymore. Petition has to be filed electronically and we are the only provider in state of Texas who will prepare your documents and eFile your documents and get them approved.
Because we eFile for You

Why us?

If you cannot afford court fees which is typically $250 to $350, we will apply for court fee waiver for you. In the unlikely event that your waiver request gets rejected, we will refund your payment in full. Call us or text us @ 972-807-0689 if you have questions. We are here to help

We prepare and eFile your divorce petition to the court and get it approved. eFiling is mandatory in Texas and we understand that you don't have to learn the complexities of eFiling

Everything happens fast as filing is done electronically so please make sure to reply to our emails in timely manner

We take Online signature. No printing, No scanning, No mailing. Apply using phone. 100% Online

Can you do it yourself?

Certainly! If you are into DIY (Do It Yourself) and want to do steps #1 to #10 outlined below by yourself, you can avoid $129 dollars - you just have to evaluate if it is worth your time

How it works?

US Legal PRO Portion of the steps for $129

  • Step #1- US Legal PRO will prepare the divorce petition. If you are unable to afford the court fees, we will have you complete the Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs form
  • Step #2- US Legal PRO will collect any county specific documents that need to be filed along with your petition
  • Step #3- US Legal PRO will create eFiling account for you in Texas State's electronic filing management system
  • Step #4- US Legal PRO will create filing packet online that is ready to be submitted
  • Step #5- US Legal PRO will email you the summary of the packet for your approval. You will review the divorce petition packet and request changes if needed
  • Step #6- US Legal PRO will tell you how to create a payment account. You will create a payment account from where the court will deduct filing fee. Court fee varies from county to county and will be somewhere between $250 to $350. Again, this is NOT our fee, you cannot avoid it (unless you get court fee waiver) and court will directly charge your card - not us
  • Step #7- You will give us approval to eFile your divorce petition packet
  • Step #8- US Legal PRO will eFile your petition
  • Step #9- We will wait for 1 to 3 days for the court to approve the petition
  • Step #10- After court accepts your petition, US Legal PRO will give you: Court Stamped Petition, Waiver Of Service Form, Final Decree of Divorce Form, Suit Affecting the Family Relationship (If you have children), Prove up Script, Instructions

Remaining Your Portion of the steps

  • Step #11- After court accepts your petition, you will give your spouse "Legal Notice". You can give your spouse Waiver of Service Form (from step #10) if your spouse is willing to sign in front of a notary. If your spouse is not willing to sign the waiver, you can hire a process server to give him/her Legal notice. Once your spouse is notified, if you need help filing the proof of legal notice to the court, we can do it for you for our standard eFiling cost.
  • Step #12- You and your spouse will complete and sign Final Decree of Divorce Form (from step #10) based on the understandings you have reached with each other. This is an important form and you can take your time to complete this form because Texas requires you to wait 61 days from the day your original petition is accepted until the day when your divorce can be finalized.
  • Step #13- As you are waiting, It is a great idea to call the district clerk's office where your petition is filed to understand and verify the remaining steps as sometimes there could be additional county-specific requirements. As you are nearing the end of 61 days waiting period, call the clerk's office and find out the days and times court hears Uncontested divorce cases
  • Step #14- Go to the court on one of the days when the court hears uncontested divorce cases and present your documents. Just to be on the safe side, take 3 copies of all the documents to the court. Finish your divorce by turning in your Final Decree of Divorce that the judge signed to the Court Clerk
Note: If you have children, you will have few more forms to fill out which we will explain in our email

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