Texas Uncontested Divorce


Online Divorce Service in Texas

that e-Files your petition & court fee waiver request (if you cannot afford)


File for divorce from the comfort of your home!

US Legal PRO is Texas State Certified e-Filer

We e-File & get your divorce petition approved or your money back

A quick and easy e-Filing process!

See if you qualify
Complete the online petition
We will follow-up and e-File

Why people chooose us!

We use Proven Forms

We use divorce forms from TexasLawHelp.org. Those forms are accepted in the entire state of Texas.

We request Fee waiver

If you cannot afford court fees, we even e-File Court Fee Waiver request on your behalf.

We are Certfied e-Filer

We are Texas certified local e-Filing company. We understand the divorce "process" more than anybody else.

We e-File for you

We create your petition and e-File without you having to go to the court - file from the comfort of your home. We are the only true online divorce provider.

We are Most Affordable

Our service is cheapest in Texas and yet we provide more value than anyone else. We keep the cost low by using technology where possible.

We provide the best support

Divorce is a process and we are always around as you are going throught it. We are available to you via Text, Chat, Email or Phone.

Our customers say it best!