US Legal PRO is an Electronic Filing Service Provider certified by the Office of Court Administration! If you want to learn more visit us at:

  • We not only prepare your divorce petition but also file it to the court. With us, divorce is quick, simple and easy technical process.
  • We charge only $129 in Texas and Indiana for uncontested divorce and that includes filing original petition of divorce and getting it approved. We are able to provide online divorce service at a low cost by utilizing technology and cutting fat from the divorce process.
  • We advise you not to waste your money and time on other sites for preparing your divorce petition because you may eventually need to come to us to file the petition and get it approved (many do). Click here to understand how our process works

Us Vs Them

Below find unbiased comparison between US Legal PRO vs Other Divorce Form creation sites:

e-File YesNo US Legal PRO is unique in the entire state of Texas and Indiana. US Legal PRO is the only divorce petition creator that will also file Original Petition for Divorce to the court for free after creating it. Other sites simply give you forms that you can easily get online.
Sign Online YesNoUS Legal PRO gives you ability to sign your petition online using your finger or mouse eliminating the need to print, sign, scan, upload and file. This feature will greatly save you from hassle and save time.
Price $129~$399 US Legal PRO is the cheapest and yet provides the most value
File Fee Waiver Yes
We are the only divorce service provider that will file court fee waiver on your behalf if you cannot afford
File Legal Notice Proof YesNoUS Legal PRO is the only online service provider that will file proof of Legal Notice


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