The ONLY Online Divorce service that e-Files your petition & files court Fee Waiver request

US Legal PRO is a state certified EFSP (Electronic Filing Service Provider). No printing! No going to court to File!

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Uncontested Divorce | Uncooperative Spouse Divorce | Missing Spouse Divorce | Same Sex Divorce

US vs Them - We "actually" File (so there is an implicit guarantee) and they simply give you forms which are FREE over the internet. Avoid paying twice!


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We are the only True Online Divorce Provider at this time

We are a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) in 4 states - that means not only we can create petition for you but we can also file documents for you to the court. You can find us on state government's websites (see links below).

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Are we saying all other online divorce providers are not real?

Absolutely - All other so called "online divorce" companies give you forms only. If you just need forms, please do not pay - you can find them online for free. What we offer is a great deal and convenience. Not only we have 1000s of satisfied customers, we have repeat customers. It is good to have us by your side during the process.

Why so cheap when you do so much?

We get asked this question a lot. We are a Legal Technology company with immense knowledge of how legal processes work as thousands of documents flow to the courts through us. Because of our knowledge, we have been able to automate many aspects of divorce process so it is cheaper for us to provide service to you as well. However, this question gets asked a lot so we have decided to increase the price soon.

Other divorce websites just give you forms. However, you can get FREE divorce forms all over the internet. The question is, do other providers file for you and help you through the process for this price? Only we can because we are a state certified EFSP.


US Legal PRO Difference?

US Legal PROOther SitesComment
e-File YesNo US Legal PRO is the only divorce petition creator that will also file Original Petition for divorce to the court for free after creating it. Other sites simply give you forms that you can easily get online.
Sign Online YesNoUS Legal PRO gives you ability to sign your petition online using your finger or mouse eliminating the need to print, sign, scan, upload and file. This feature will greatly save you from hassle and save time.
Price $249~$399 US Legal PRO is the cheapest and yet provides the most value
File Fee Waiver Yes
We are the only divorce service provider that will file court fee waiver on your behalf if you cannot afford court fees
File Other documents YesNoUS Legal PRO is always around to file other documents if necessary

Your Uncontested Divorce Order include

  • Preparing divorce petition
  • eFiling petition to the court for FREE
  • Filing court fee waiver if you cannot afford
  • Helping file notice by posting if missing spouse
  • Helping file proof of legal notice to court
  • No hidden fees

Only THE TRUE Online Divorce Service Provider

US Legal PRO provides many benefits that are not available anywhere else

We eFile your Divorce Petition

We are the only provider that will create and eFile your petition and get it approved fast - File from the comfort of your home.

We request Court Fee waiver

Not only we eFile for you but if you cannot afford court fees, we will request court fee waiver for you.

We are a Certfied e-Filer

We are State certified e-Filing company. We understand the divorce "process " more than anybody else. It is better to have us by your side.

We are very Affordable

Our service is cheapest among any divorce providers and yet we provide more value than anyone else. We keep the cost low by using technology as much as possible.

We focus on Process

You can get divorce forms for FREE all over the internet (don't pay other sites to get forms) but what we actually do is help with the divorce process.

No Hidden Fees

If you are looking for hidden fees, there aren't any. Sorry!

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