Texas Uncontested Divorce

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  • Process & Divorce Fees - The following steps have been used by pretty much everybody to go through divorce process in TX. Fees are clearly mentioned next to each step
  • Timeline - The overall divorce process takes 60+ days in TX - no shortcuts
Step #1. File the petition and related documents. Total fee ranges between $249 to $600 (approx)
# Service Fee Court Fee Condition
1 Petition for Divorce Start $249 (Non Refundable) $0 or approx $350 depending on if you request waiver or not This gets you started. If you do not have a case number or you want to amend and existing petition or file counter petition. If you start and do not want to follow through right away, you will have up to 1 year to hold the process
Step #2. Serve accepted documents to your spouse. Total fee ranges between $29 to $130 (approx)
# Option Service Fee Court Fee Condition
1 Waiver of service $29.99 $0 If your spouse is WILLING to sign documents, simply have your spouse complete this form
2 Personal service $34.99 $0 to $100 If your spouse is NOT WILLING to sign the documents, you can serve your spouse
3 Posting $34.99 $0 If you CANNOT find your spouse

Step #3. Complete Final Decree of Divorce (with your spouse) and Affidavit. Total fee ranges between $29 to $89 (approx)
# Option Service Fee Court Fee Condition
1 BVS $0 $0 With or Without children. Some courts might not accept this document as eFiled
2 Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course $29.99 $0 If you have children, many counties will require you and your spouse to complete a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course and file the certification of completion obtained. Some counties do not require it, but to be safe, it is a good idea just to take the course.
3 Final Decree of Divorce & Affidavit $59.99 $0 With or Without children

At any time, if you need to file additional documents which are not listed below as part of steps, please click File 1 Document| File 2 Documents| File 3 Documents to upload them

Step #4. Finalize

Bexar County - Litigants representing themselves must contact Staff Attorney’s Office; please refer to this link: https://www.bexar.org/1995/Staff-Attorney for instructions.

After the 60 days waiting period (count days from the day your petition was stamped) and both spouses have signed off on all orders, you will need to call the district clerks office for a "prove-up" date. Prove up is the process of finalizing your divorce in front of the Judge at an uncontested hearing that requires the attendance of only one party (although nothing is preventing the Respondent from attending as well to recite the required information, also known as Prove up Script (see link below) to complete the divorce process. The court will hear the basics of the property division and custody of children in order to determine if the arrangement is in the best interest of the child. The judge will usually sign off on the orders you present, so make sure all the relevant documents are together and bring at least 3 copies of each document.

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