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If you CANNOT Afford Court Fees

Our Fee: $249
Court Fee: $0 (We will file court Fee Waiver request)
Inital Cost: $249

If you CAN Afford Court Fees

Our Fee: $249
Court Fee in Texas: $250 to $350
Court Fee in California: $350 to $450
Court Fee in Indiana: $150 to $250
Court Fee in Indiana: $350 to $450
Inital Cost: $249 + Court Fee of the State

* Additional Fees (Optional)
After we file your uncontested divorce petition and get it approved and get you a case number for $249, you may not need help in filing documents to the court as you can file them yourself by contacting the clerks office. However if you want us to file any documents to court after petition is approved, our standard eFiling cost of $29.99 per filing applies. The reason we charge this fee is because we have to convert your scanned documents to PDF and also technically fix the PDFs as per court requirements.

Who qualifies for FEE waiver?
Anyone can file a fee waiver request, but generally, if one of the following applies, your fee waiver will be granted:

  • You are currently eligible for government assistance [such as AFDC, TANF, food stamps, etc.]
  • Your household income that is 125% or less than the current poverty level as established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

If neither of those applies, you must show the court that paying the filing fee would result in a substantial hardship due to your current financial situation. Depending on the state and judge, you will be asked to provide paystubs and other documentation of income, usually between 2 to 12 months' worth.

Refund Policy: Once documents are created and emailed to the customer or an eFiling account is set up per the customer's request, refunds are strictly not available even if you do not want to go through the process. This policy is in place to account for the significant time and resources invested in producing personalized documents or configuring accounts according to your specific requirements and also to avoid abuse of the process. We appreciate your understanding regarding this policy.

We offer two alternatives, in a situation where you do not want to move forward

  • We can remove your court filing account at no cost and delete your application from our system.
  • We can put the process on hold, but please be aware that most individuals who opt for this alternative eventually return. If you choose to continue with the process, you have 1 year from the day you completed the forms to do so. This option is usually selected to avoid paying again, and it also reduces our workload since step #1 requires additional effort.

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